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Winter blues, go puff...

When your destiny planted you on the farm you enevitably live in sync with nature. When the nature is awake and vibrant it is time to work hard in the garden and soak up the sun, the wind and the joy. It is hard to feel sad even if you really try during the warm months. But then the long winter months set in. What's a farmgirl to do not to get those winter blues that everybody is talking about? Kick them in a butt!

I have realized it is a matter of choice to feel joyous. And I admit sometimes it takes so much energy to stay optimistic that it almost feels like it is a waste of energy even to try. I still embrace those days as they do have their purpose in our spiritual growth.

But then, when you make that choice to feel good it totally pays off! What I have done for myself is created a unique bedroom to wake up to every morning. It doesn't matter that the temperatures are below zero and it is still dark, I am waking up to the dandilions blooming all around me.

Keeping your personal space decluttered is another major factor to feeling happy.

What I use daily for my preventative care to combat the winter blues is music! I have picked up a fiddle and have been learning a new tune here and there every day. That not only keep me excited but provides a great mental excercise too. Learning a new craft every year and completing a few projects is so rejuvenating!

And then there are the great outdoors. Yes, it is frigidly cold, and, no, it is not so much fun to put all those layers of clothing on and to make sure your skin is not exposed to frost. But once I do get dressed and get outside, start doing meaningful work, whether it is taking care of animals, or bringing wood in, or taking the ashes out, the joy of living is within me!

Wearing bringt colors, getting a haircut, and wearing some lipstick would also do wonders!

Come on winter blues. I command you to go ...PUFF!


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