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Second wwoofing season closed.

Every spring we are looking forward to our wwoofing season here on Slavic Heritage Farm. Since the winters are long and sometimes it feels lonesome during the never ending whiteness and howling winds, we are hopeful and our souls are full of promise of spring, and the summer and, of course, the company of our wwoofers.

We have been blessed again with a great bunch of people that came over and volunteered their time and energy for the great purpose of growing organic food. It was awesome to be getting those email inquiries from potential wwoofers and anticipating the new faces and new friendships.

We were not disappointed this time around. Everyone we have hosted this summer added to our farming adventure a lot of zest! Our lives and the lives of our kids were enreached with exposure to new languages, cultures and cuisines (Japaneese, Jewish and French). We have traveled the world listening to the stories of our wwoofers backpacking around the world and doing missionary work in places hard to visit. We have got a taste of amazing dishes cooked freshly with farm produce and could imagine people just like us eating these same foods somewhere on the other side of the globe.

We had an opportunity to preach the gospel of kefir and fermenting foods, raw milk and freshly made cheese and other milk products, bread baking, talked a lot about organic ways of farming while working side by side with young people drawn to the idea of knowing better where their food comes from and wanting to know what ethical farming entails.

Thank you all for visiting Slavic Heritage Farm during the summer of 2014: Elaine, Kevin, Emin, Andrew, Davida, Zak, Manga, Zoe and Titus. Please visit our Volunteers' Hall of Fame to read their individual profiles.


Andrew is watering freshly planted salad greens bed.


Celebrating Emin's birthday with a homemade Boston Cream Pie made by Ivana, age 13.


Davida prepared a delicious "shakshuka" breakfast for all of us! We loved it so much that she had to make it a few times!


It's "do it yourself" pizza making dinner-party! Kevin got to like having it almost every week here on the farm.


Elaine's "good buy" dinner. It was hard to get the right ingredients for an authentic Japanese meal she wanted to cook for us, so she improvised. We had to get some bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in the grocery store.


Zak, Manga, Zoe and Titus - a wonderful family, aspired to start their own homestead one day.


Our 4th of July picnic by the Harvey Dam with Davida, Kevin and Emin. It was so much fun watching them weed fighting ! We just can't stay away from ANY weeds!

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