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"If you have two pennies, spend one on a loaf and one on a flower. The bread will give you the life and the flower a reason for living."


- Chinese saying



Slavic Heritage Farm bake sale during local community event.

100% Farm Supper Game.

What a blessing it is to be able to step out from the kitchen (even bare feet!) and walk into the garden to pick up fresh veggies and herbs to cook supper! I have stopped using cookbooks where they tell you to "go grab this and that" in the supermarket for a long time already and have adjusted our menu according to what's in season on the farm. In the spring there are a lot of eggs, it means a lot of baked dishes and scrambled eggs for breakfast pretty much daily. In the summer we practically become vegetarians with such an abundance of fresh produce available from the garden. Fall brings local apples and farm raised chicken soup. Might sound like a strange combination to some, but for us it is the sign of the season. In the winter we crave pasture meat with it's abundance of vitamin D, and , in addition, trully enjoy going to our well stocked up pantry to see what preserves we are in the mood for.

Having our own meats, eggs, milk and everything else what we can make from it, vegetables, fruits, berries and an opportunity to buy organic flour from a local mill nearby allows me to be super excited in the kitchen. I know that what I put on the plates for my family and guests will nourish their bodies and spirits.


Some time ago we started playing a game during our meals to calculate the percentage of food on our plates that' s from the farm or from other local sources.  In three years of growing a garden we came to almost 100% with the exception of the sea salt, olive, grape seed or coconut oil, and, some of us happened to have a special love for the black olives!


We challenge you to play the same game and see if you will be able to catch up with us! Eating locally makes sense!



100% Farm Fall Supper:



roasted mixed potatoes


nanking cherry sauce

roasted brussels sprouts

100% Farm Summer Supper:


mashed potatoes

garden salad with fresh herbs

local fried pike

100% Farm Spring Supper:


potato/dehydrated veggie egg bake

lamb's-quarters salad with goat cheese

pickled juliets


99% Farm Winter Supper:


Homemade pizza made with organic flour

dehydrated veggies, herbs and goat cheese as toppings


(oops! those black olives sneaked in!)

All seasons favorite:


Organic whole wheat garlic knots

Summer dessert:


goat milk custard pie sprinkled with dark chocolate

Gluten free tea party:


cucumber sandwiches

flower cookies

fruity cheesecakes

crab apple preserve


Christmas delights:


assortment of homemade organic holiday treats

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