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Just see for yourself!

“You’re moving to where? North Dakota? What’s there?”. That was a question we heard over and over again from our friends, family members, and whom ever else we were so excited to share our news of relocating back in the spring of 2011.


And we moved not for the job, not for the house of our dream, not for the “things” that the place has to offer, not for the best school district or the convenient places to shop.


Our reasoning to move was a calling. The calling so strong that sometimes we didn’t know ourselves why ND? After all the travels we have done, after visiting and “ahhhhing” and “ohhhing” over the most beautiful places that nature has to offer (there are over 40 states on our route of travels throughout the years), the call to come to North Dakota was a clear and loud one!


The prairie has its ways. The prairie invites you but doesn’t make you feel invited right away. The prairie waits. The prairie puts you to a test. The prairies watches. The prairie listens. Listens to you as a newcomer.


It was listening to me for a while and watching me with eyes fixed, waiting for the right moment to make me feel invited. I know it now, I am absolutely positive that how it was between I, the sea lass, and the Prairie, this Meadow Maiden capable of showing her charm and beauty only to those who start loving her first. Then she shows it all! She unveils her secrets, her complexity, her vivacious spirit and embraces you with the warmth of a true mother! I let the Prairie into my heart. The Prairie Meadow Maiden allowed me to fall in love with her!

Enjoy the Slide Show!

"My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through Earth's loveliness."


Photographs by Julia Petrovic

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