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All text entries throughout the site and photo credits by Julia Petrovic unless stated otherwise.

The "SEED" of Slavic Heritage Farm


"Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one."

-Fredrich Halm


It began when two souls found each other and fell in love, forever... They fell in love because they had an instant connection and a divine intervention. A divine it is because to meet being from different corners of the world it just had to be a special force!


He came from the mountains, streams and valleys of the Czech Republic. A true mountain man in heart who hiked the woods and slept under the open skies since he was a young lad of thirteen.


She came from a warm and sunny place by the Black Sea in Russia where the sea breeze wakes you up in the morning and lulls you to sleep every night. She'd swim into the open sea daily, lay on her back half submerged in the salty water that would keep her afloat and wave to the occasional boats passing by. At night that same lass would talk to the stars. She’d talk to them in English. And dream…


When they met they had no idea what kind of adventures were awaiting for them. The adventures that would be so special, so unique, suited just for them and nobody else. Starting a family was the most amazing and important one. Both of them had realized  that the more people they had to share their memories with the more fulfilling life suddenly became.


They lived on the east coast for over a decade with contentment. She worked in NYC for a few years as a paralegal wearing fabulous top of the line designer clothes and dining in the fanciest restaurants with the collegues from the office. When she got bored doing that she worked as a language teacher and at some point even had a successfully running private language school for children to help them learn and master the Russian language. He was the owner and general manager of a successful construction company tending to the needs and desires of well-to-do clients in upscale neighborhoods.


During that time there were small and not so small trips and traveling around the world. The wind was taking them in all possible directions. From the Bay of Fundy in Canada to the most southern point of the continental US, the Key West.


In their passports there are stamps from a few European countries. And then there was a trip to Russia’s land that had been so dreaded by many but would keep you charmed forever once you'd set your foot on it. The land of Siberia.


Suddenly, the wind changed the direction and blew west. Way west! And for a long time! That was the time when the family was called back to the land. The call was so clear and vivid that there was nothing left to do then to pack up and follow.


A cross country trip that lasted for a few months was an adventure of self discovery, endurance, learning opportunities and a mission to find that spot on the face of the Earth to start doing what they were called to do. Take care of the land and let the land take care of them.


And now the family has settled down and put the roots in the place that has neither mountains nor the sea, tucked away from the world, has winters that only the strongest in spirit could endure and find the way to thrive in it.


But that vivacious charm of the open prairie has them all as captives now. There are so many beautiful places in the world! There is no more beautiful place than the one you start calling home. And when destiny plants you in a new and unfamiliar place, then it is not what you can take from the homeland, it's what you can offer it instead.


And now they are humbly offering their energy and have a vision to revive that forsaken patch of the land that has been calling for help for a long time. They are ready to work hard and are authentic in their enthusiasm, overcoming the obstacles, meeting the challenges and embracing the opportunity to grow.


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