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New additions to the barn family.

It's this time of the year again! It's the kidding time!

On Thursday we were up in town for our music lessons when my hubby called me, "Darling, our family is growing!" Huh??? Isn't it usually the news that the gal delivers, not a lad?

We were all rushing back home to see the new additions to our "barn family".

Our goat Vera, the best milker, presented us with two beautiful, adorable, kissable kids! A buck and a doeling! Both of them are cute as a button! So, it was very easy to pick their names! Please welcome Button and her twin brother, Zipper. They are both keepers, since Button will have her mother's udder and Zipper will make a great breading buck and carry his mother's gene.

Six more goats to kid! Looks like there will be more twins too!

We are so happy we can have fresh milk and I can't wait to start making kefir again!

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