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Chicken winter villa.

The idea was to build this chicken winter villa BEFORE winter! But... that how it goes on the farm. We make plans and do our best to achieve our goals and then when it doesn't happen we smile (or not!) and carry on. Being flexible with our plans is the first thing we learnt to do living on the farm. It took us about two months to finally complete the project.

What we did was building a winter headquarters (or rather a VILLA) for our poultry folks. During the warm months they live in the coop and roam in the pastures hunting for bugs and pecking on blades of grass. But then in the winter it becomes challenging to keep them safe from frost bitten feet and winter casualties.

Welcome to the "Slavic Heritage Farm" chicken winter villa! A North Dakota chicken winter paradise!


Happy caretakers are glad to see their friends with wings cheerfully thriving in the newly built winter coop that is located right in the barn!


The coop was designed by master carpenter named Mirek with a vision to serve during the coldest months to ensure the health and happines of the flock and continuous supply of precious and highly valued by all on the farm pearly things called eggs. The walls so ingeniously insulated with the hand packed straw (labor provided by our farmaretts) trap the heat from the bodies of the birds quite well and that provides a welcoming environment inside of the coop despite the plummetting temperatures outside.


Here is a proof of Jack Frost's approval of the coop! He sure left a beautiful mark on the window! Now, how can you not enjoy coming to the barn to do the chores? There is beauty all around, you just need to notice it!


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