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"Slavic Heritage Farm" CSA Program


Do you like to eat local, fresh, organically grown produce that is in season? Are you a supporter of local foods movement in North Dakota? Our small family farm wants YOU as our CSA member!


A CSA stands for “community supported agriculture” and represents a relationship between the farmer and CSA members who are excited about the idea of eating locally and seasonally, fresh from the farm produce that is delivered weekly.


When a member signs up for a CSA in the spring he/she supports local foods movement and local business by paying his/her share directly to the farmer. It helps a small organic family operated farm like ours with the initial start up costs. We, farmers, then use the money to buy the seeds and equipment and get the food growing. As soon as the food is ready it is harvested, bagged and delivered by the farmer to the CSA customer. This way the CSA customer gets the freshest produce possible.




It is this time of the year again when we start planning our growing season. We are very excited to announce that the sign up for Slavic Heritage Farm 2017 CSA program is now open!


If you are a returning customer we thank you for coming back as it is a sign for us that we have done a great job and you were pleased with our 2016 CSA program. It makes us happy. If you are a new customer then we welcome you with open heart and hope you will enjoy what we have to offer. It makes us thrilled because we see that more and more people are seeking to eat locally produced food!


Why to consider a CSA?

  • It is YOUR community that you are supporting with your participation;

  • getting the freshest produce possible with minimum miles on it;

  • nutrient density of the produce due to the bio (=life) growing practices (NO chemicals ever!);

  • knowing where your food comes from;

  • trying something new!

  • cooking new recipes and expanding your family’s menu;

  • opportunity to visit the farm and learn how we manage the soil and veggie production;

  • last, but not least, supporting a diversified family farm and helping them earn a decent living.


How it works:

when you sign up as a CSA member you pay the cost upfront directly to the farmer, who will use your money to buy the seeds and needed equipment, take care of the seedlings and plant them for you, then harvest and deliver. The growing season can be somewhat unpredictable in ND, but “Slavic Heritage Farm” will do everything possible to provide you with 12-16 weeks of farm fresh produce. We will start with young salad greens, radishes, spinach, herbs, etc. Once other vegetables, like beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, watermelons, beets, carrots, etc. start producing we will harvest them for you. During the fall season you will be receiving a great variety of vegetables that have been growing in the greenhouse and gardens, like cabbage, squashes, potatoes, onions, and more. We grow flowers, too, so we might surprise you with a bouquet! Also, in 2014 we planted 2+ acres of various berries and if we have a harvest you will be receiving fruits as a CSA share.


Membership dues:

Full Share/ $585 (will provide enough fresh veggies for a family of 4)

Half Share/ 385 (will provide enough fresh veggies for a couple or a single person who loves veggies)


Bulk buying:

If you like to preserve the local bounty for the winter months by canning, freezing, dehydrating and would like to have an access to fresh produce in bulk we can accommodate that too! By paying $75/season you secure your spot in bulk buying option (space is limited!), and will be able to buy the freshly picked produce at a discounted rate (20% less than our farmer’s market price). You can also have an option of placing an order of what type of veggies you’d like us to grow for you ( beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) We call it “custom growing”.


How we grow food:

On “Slavic Heritage Farm” we use only organic well balanced compost to ensure soil fertility, biodynamic methods and never a drop of chemical fertilizes, pesticides or herbicides. That is our pledge!


How you will get your fresh produce:

“Slavic Heritage Farm” will deliver it weekly to the announced locations. We will also provide you with ideas and recipes to cook with fresh veggies so that you can surprise your family and friends and show off what a great cook you are!


Other things we offer: Farm fresh pasture eggs ( $4.50/dozen)

                                                 Pasture chickens (please, place an order, deposit required)

                                                 Pasture lamb (buy the animal and arrange butchering yourself)

                                                 Goat milk herd shares (please inquire about the details)

                                                 Cheese Club (please inquire about the details)

                                                 Organic Breads and Pastries (please inquire about the details)


Why you might NOT enjoy our CSA:

  • if you are not fond of greens as we grow a lot of salad mixes and herbs;

  • if you do not like to eat seasonally;

  • if you have certain dietary restrictions (eg: if you are on a Paleo diet and do not eat potatoes, or simply dislike veggies, or are avoiding nightshades). However, we can work with you and customize your CSA share by substituting for other veggies if available.



One of our 2015 CSA customers said about our salad mixes, “ I have had hundreds of salads in my life, and Julia’s salad mix is the best I have ever had. Not hyperbole, just the truth”(Dave S., Rugby, ND).  So, maybe we will convert you to like salads! You just never know!


Also, we are also looking for individuals to assist us in organizing a WORK PLACE CSA when the shares will be dropped off at a workplace. If you get 5 members to sign up you will get a weekly share of your choice doubled (that is $35.00 value or more). The workplace CSAs are sprouting all over across the country and have proven to add  great benefits to the job environment. Regular deliveries of a fresh local produce add a novel, fun activity to the workweek, the farm connection readily becomes a source of conversation, food sharing and camaraderie.



We hope you will decide to become a “Slavic Heritage Farm” CSA member! We are looking forward to serving you! Just wait and see the heirloom varieties of tomatoes we grow! Please fill out the membership agreement and send it to us! You can print the one below or download a PDF file.



“Slavic Heritage Farm”  CSA Membership Agreement:


Name (First/Last) __________________________________________


Mailing Address____________________________________________


Phone number _____________________________________________

Messenger  Yes____   No_____



Select Farm Share:      $585/ Full Share ________

                                        $385/ Half Share_________

                                        $75/bulk buying club______

Other products interested in:

$4.50/dozen pasture farm fresh eggs (amount) __________

$4.50/lb. pasture chickens (# of birds) _______$5.00 deposit per bird______

Pasture lamb (buy the whole animal and arrange butchering yourself)______

Goat Milk herd shares ($25.00/month)________

Cheese Club (please inquire about the details) ______

Organic Breads and Pastries (please inquire the details) _______


Payment options for the CSA:

Pay in full _____________________________(check #)___________

Half now, half by June 1st, 2017 ______________________

Three equal payments (1st due now, 2nd due May 1st, 3rd due June 1st, 2017)_______


By signing “Slavic Heritage Farm” workplace CSA agreement I understand that there are risks involved with growing the produce in the way of unpredictable North Dakota weather. I agree to share the risks with the farmer. I understand that by signing up for a farm CSA program I am committed to pay the full amount according to my chosen payment plan.


Signature:__________________      Date:_____________________


Make checks payable to: “Slavic Heritage Farm”

Mail to: 4141 21st. Ave., NE, Rugby, ND, 58










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