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​The first year.



When we took the farm uder our wing in the spring of 2011 we planted the classical varieties of berries: strawberries and raspberries.


They did pretty well and we were able to harvest some the following year. We made sure that the varieties we chose were the hardy ones.




​The second year.

The folowing year we added a few other varieties to the berry patch: june berries, red and black currents, gooseberries, sea berries, elderberry, aronia and a josta berry bush.



The third year.

After living on the farm for some time and experiencing the climate we have done en extensive research and have decided it's about time we pick our niche in farming. We are glad to announce that this year we will be planting a variety of berries for a U-pick operation.


And to make it an interesting and exciting venture we have selected to plant :


3000 strawberry plants

2000 raspberry bushes

50 red currents

50 black currents

50 honey berries

30 gooseberry bushes


The plan is to have different berries available for our U-pick customers throughout the growing season, from early summer into late fall. The U-pick will be open in 2016-2017.


We are also planning on bringing the freshly picked berries to farmer's market, use them in Julia's Breads and Pastries, and dehydrate the surplus to make berry powders.


There is nothing more lucious and satisfying to your taste buds than the feeling of ripe and delicious berry warmed by the sun popping in your mouth. The sensation is almost undescribable! The ever popular strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries have become a staple you can always find in U-picks, farmer's markets, on the fresh produce shelves or in a frozen form in the supermarkets. These are great berries, but the berry world is not limited by those four. The berry world is so awesome that we , on Slavic Heritage Farm, are going to show it to you!


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