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Another surprise.

Life on the farm is never boring or mandane. It is full of stories, experiences, opportunities and moments that take your breath away.

The day started as usual, doing chores after breakfast.

By now we have settled into a routine and everybody knows what to do and it seems to work well. Ivana is in charge of preparing the bottles for feeding the goat kids. We have six now altogether that we bottle feed twice a day. Mirek is hand milking the does (four of them) while having the greatest helper ever! Adrian , our 18 months old farmer boy, loves to come to the barn during the chores time and is an eager helper. You should see him sitting on a little stool nearby and watching Mirek milk. Then he takes the goat by its collar and leads her back to the barn. Goat mamas don't seem to mind this little but persistent helper.

Then the kids help to bring hay for the barn animals and the horses on the pasture. We have been hosting two horses from a nearby farm. It's kids' dream come true to finally have horses on the farm!

But then this morning Milana was running and yelling that Brandy had her colt! What?

"Oh, yes! Come and see for yourself! I even know where she had him. I found the sack on the pasture!" OK, a lesson in animal science and zoology for a 7 year old.

And there she was, a momma with her baby! What a beautiful sight. What an awesome experience and an opportunity to witness a colt being born. Wouldn't it take your breath away too?

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