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Winter is finally over.

And spring is slowly, but surely coming our way! Hopefully last week's blizzard and a foot of snow were the final attempts of the winter to hold its grip on us.

Now all the snow is gone. The air is full of noises from birds returning north for breeding. Even though the sloughs and lakes are still under ice the Canada Geese have paired up and built their nests.

I am slowly getting used to the color of spring here in North Dakota. It is not green. It is sepia, with all different shades of brown. It's still very soothing to the eye. And I know now how fast those green blades of grass will start popping out. Almost overnight the prairie will turn green. We just have to be a little more patient!

SPRING (by Leona Petrovic, age 9).

God will melt the white cold snow

And make the grass grow green again.

The birds will fly from far away

And sit upon the fence posts.

The trees will get their beauty back,

The trains will rush across the track.

I'll watch this with my watchful eyes.

I'll watch the world come back alive.

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