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Sheep shearing.

Can you imagine wearing a wool coat in the heat of July? And even here in North Dakota it gets hot during the day that time of the year. And we, humans, can hide away for a few hours in a comfort of a cooler house. We do not have an AC in the house but inside it is still bearable and we can rest during the hottest time of the day, relax, read a bit or, the best, take a nap.

Our animals have good shelters to hide away during the heat. They either come into the barn, or stay on the pastures and mingle among the trees. But those sheep! Poor things! There is no way they would feel even a slight breeze through their thick wool coat.

So we have have a friend who comes to help us out with the sheep shearing activity. It a spectacle to see! This time both Kevin and Davida, our wwoofers, were able to experience it first hand. Davida was very brave and volunteered to actively participate! Bravo, Davida! Between trying to catch the ewe and bring her in (well, it could sense something was up!), and then position her for the shearing that was like three trips to the gym! Well, that's normal on the farm. Because every day you work hard, sweat and excersice different groups of the muscles doing MEANINGFUL work!

So, next year save on the gym membership (you know it's a waste of money anyway because you'd go like , what, three times a year?), buy a plane ticket instead and spend an amazing and unforgettable time with us on the Slavic Heritage Farm! You'll tone up both physically and spiritually!

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